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Winter is in full swing, but not necessarily winter weather. If you miss the winter climate, I have a few sensory games for you that will bring back the winter even for a moment.


Artificial snow - fun that my kids love - I like snow made of potato flour and shaving foam the most - it is soft and fluffy and sticky, and it is great fun for at least an hour. We can make snowballs, snowmen and whatever we want from artificial snow. You can also hide some small objects in the snow - then the child's task will be to dig them out. This game stimulates the sense of touch and proprioception, but also the sense of smell thanks to the shaving foam.


Winter in a bottle - for this fun we will need a plastic transparent bottle, water, some glitter (I usually choose blue) and glycerin - we put everything in the bottle and screw it tight, of course we can add sequins, beads or crystals to the bottle - then it will be more interesting . By playing with such a bottle, we stimulate the sense of sight.


Playing with ice cubes - just make ice cubes, they can be of various shapes, we can build ice structures from ready-made cubes. We can also add a dye to the water in advance - then the cubes will be perfect for painting. This game primarily stimulates the sense of touch.


Have fun while waiting for real winter and snow


Anna Chacińska

special educator, specialist in sensory integration