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ENCE PENCE brand products are created for children and with children in mind.


In order to provide children with what is best for their sensory development, we have developed a variety of didactic products.  In our sensory assortment you will find: discs, tracks, blocks, games and decorations, which are designed to support parents, educators and therapists in nurturing the proper development of the child through play. The ENCE PENCE teaching aids support: balance, motor coordination, body sensation, tactile perception, auditory perception and visual perception.


Our priority is the highest quality standards, which is why every Ence Pence product has been developed in collaboration with specialists and has undergone tests before being released for sale.


Our collections are distinguished by a variety of structures, colours and patterns, and thanks to the natural textures of our sensory paths and building blocks we can reminisce about a sandy beach, the smell of the forest or a freshly baked apple pie. 


An important part of our business is caring for the environment. To reduce the amount of waste produced, orders from our shop are sent to customers in specially prepared ecological packaging, which with a few simple steps can be turned into a brand new toy. Inside, the products are protected by, also ecological, wood wool. Our offer is therefore a unique combination of sensory and ecological approach to life and beautiful and interesting design.


Parents, schools, kindergartens and other institutions are welcome to purchase our sensory aids and contact us.



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