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We welcome You to the world of senses with Ence Pence!


We are a polish company producing sensory aids using natural and ecological materials.


We put a lot of heart into our products – from the birth of an idea to the project work and execution. We create our sensory aids with passion and engagement, for kids and parents. We hope to build a world in which our products will assist in children development and the fun kids will have with them will help in developing cognitive and developmental abilities in Your kids.


Our priority is the highest quality, that is why every single Ence Pence product was created with the help of specialists and passed every test required before being put on sale.



We hope to help conscientious parents, caretakers and therapists by giving them necessary knowledge and tools, which will assist in harmonious development of your children. This is why our sensory pathways, blocks, puzzles and games support:


      -motor coordination

      -feeling of one's own body

      -tactile perception,

      -auditory perception

      -visual perception, 


Conscious of the beauty of the world around us, we draw inspiration from nature, which is the source and integral part of our products. Our collections are distinguished by a variety of textures, colours and patterns and, thanks to the natural textures of our sensory paths and blocks, we can reminisce about a sandy beach, the smell of the forest or a freshly baked apple pie. 


Let yourselves be carried away by the magic of children's imagination!


Anna Chacińska

special education teacher, SI therapist


Special educator, certified sensory integration therapist, Johansen Individual Auditory Stimulation therapist and lecturer in postgraduate studies in sensory integration at the University of Education in Sport. She has been working with children with various developmental challenges for 12 years, currently mainly with preschool children. Lover of natural sensory stimulation and simple toys. 


Anna Chojnowska 

child psychologist, teacher


Child psychologist and pedagogue. For 12 years she has been working with children who struggle with developmental and educational difficulties. She provides consultations for parents, trainings and therapy for children with learning difficulties, at risk of dyslexia, dysgraphia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ASD.  


Karolina Trębska

physiotherapist, fitness instructor 


Physiotherapist with 15 years of experience. Works with people with neuromuscular and musculoskeletal disorders.  Fitness instructor, making people aware of the need for movement and body sense in their surroundings. Coordination, flexibility, strength, mobility of joints and muscles and correct functioning of all systems in the body - that is my motto.  


Tomasz Badowski

Special needs educator, paramedic


A graduate of Special Pedagogy in the field of special care and education with re-socialisation, a graduate of Collegium Masoviense in the field of Medical Rescue - full qualifications.

10 years of experience in the field of special pedagogy and 2 years in the field of medical rescue.

Combines functionality with product safety.