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Finally, the longed-for summer has come, and with it a time to relax and carefree, at least for our children ???? Let's use this time for free fun in the fresh air - one of them may be playing in water and water. It is known that in hot weather a swimming pool will be perfect - swimming is not only pure pleasure, but also hard work of muscles, overcoming water resistance, and therefore a strong stimulation of the proprioceptive system. But not only swimming has a sensory value - playing with water, so splashing even in a shallow paddling pool or a small pool, will provide the child with proprioceptive and tactile impressions. If we do not have any pool at hand, nothing is lost - all you need is a bowl or two, and a few cups or other dishes and the fun of pouring is ready - lifting vessels with water of different weights is also proprioceptive stimulation. And if we throw various objects into the water, e.g. feathers, straws, there may also be sticks and leaves, and give the child a strainer to catch, we will additionally practice visual and motor coordination. It is also a very nice idea to throw, for example, lemon or orange slices and, for example, mint leaves into the water - then we will also provide the child with olfactory stimulation. And if the children get bored with just playing with water, just throw in some sand - mud fun for long hours guaranteed ???? And playing with mud is also a lot of tactile and proprioceptive impressions and you do not need to persuade children to it, they will know what to do themselves - enough that we just let them do it ????



Anna Chacińska

special educator, specialist in sensory integration