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Intertwined teddy bear

Intertwined teddy bear

Manufacturer: ENCE PENCE
Price: 11,4 EUR

"Ladies and gentlemen, here is Teddy Bear!"


This teddy bear is the best companion to play with. The task is to weave a string - a wooden needle, through as many as 15 holes of our teddy bear. Playing with a teddy bear improves hand-eye coordination, is a great exercise for fine motor skills, is also an opportunity to learn the concepts of front and back or to learn lacing. Additionally, thanks to the milled out muzzle and tummy, the teddy bear will provide the youngest ones with sensory experiences. 

After the play is finished, the teddy bear can be put on the shelf and used as an ornament.


Teaching aid "Intertwined bear"

Delivery time: 2 working days

This product is for use under the direct supervision of an adult. Not suitable for children under 3 years



  • width 8.5 cm :
  • height 11.5 cm :
  • thickness 0.7 cm :
  • quantity 1 piece :