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Price: 32,33 EUR

All children, without any exceptions and age restrictions, love blocks.


We have for you a timeless and classic wooden version with a sensory surface.


This product will allow you not only to build and develop your child's imagination, but also to develop the sense of sight and tactile perception. The blocks are light, and the glass stones in the square windows sparkle with the sun.


Name shapes and colors, touch textures and build whatever your imagination tells you!


The set consists of:

- 4 pcs of square blocks with dimensions of 5 cm x 5 cm

- 4 pcs of rectangular blocks with dimensions of 10 cm x 5 cm

- 2 pieces of rectangle blocks 15 cm x 5 cm


Teaching aid "Sensory window blocks"

Order fulfillment time: 7 business days

Due to the natural origin of the components, the teaching aid may be slightly different from the photo.

The product is intended for use under the direct supervision of an adult. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.