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Recently, both children and adults have been facing a lot of stress and anxiety related to the invasion in Ukraine. It is a very difficult time for all of us, even if the current events do not concern us directly. Each of us experiences the present situation in our own way, and our children, even if they are tiny, sense our anxiety and fear and can reflect it in their behavior. They may therefore be more irritable, restless, agitated, and may have difficulty calming down after a day.

Therefore, at this difficult time, it is worth providing the child, in addition to a large dose of exercise, of course, more calming activities.

Games such as:

- gymnastics with a parent or siblings - children love mutual wrestling and pushing, because this type of activity allows them to get rid of excess energy and provides a lot of proprioceptive sensations that have a positive effect on regulation

- massages - children's massages, i.e. a gentle massage / drawing on the child's back combined with a poem - relaxing and relaxing

- playing with dough, salt mass or any other plastic mass - you can prepare it yourself, e.g. from flour and bath oil - kneading gives us a proprioceptive experience and thus calms our nervous system

- playing with loose materials, e.g. rice, porridge, lentils, peas, pasta, semolina, etc., - pouring, searching for treasures - this activity usually takes children for long minutes and has a positive effect on calming down after a whole day

- play with light and shadows - perfect for the evening - just turn off the light and turn on the flashlight or projector, you can also make a shadow theater using your own hands or your favorite toys

- aromatherapy - for evening rituals - you can light a scented candle, spray the oil or add a few drops of fragrance oil to your bath - the scent of vanilla, lavender, jasmine, sandalwood, chamomile has a calming effect

- listening to relaxing music or audiobooks Regardless of what activity we choose, it is important to accompany the child while playing and just be together. It is the best "medicine" for all fears and anxieties. Anna Chacińska special educator, specialist in sensory integration