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The autumn weather is changeable and has not spoiled us recently. It's getting colder and colder, so we spend less time outdoors and more time at home. Although children are very creative, we certainly hear from them more than once: "Mom, I'm bored." Then it is worth having a few ideas for interesting and creative, and at the same time stimulating the senses of fun.

My favorites are definitely games that engage the sense of touch, and at the same time provide proprioceptive impressions and develop fine motor skills. I present to you a few suggestions that will surely delight your children (my children love them):


1 - non-Newtonian liquid - we need a bowl, potato flour and water and the fun is ready - we can squeeze, pour, knead, and even make a bath if the bowl is large enough

2 - sand made of corn flour and oil - when it's too cold outside for a sandbox, we can make it at home - so prepare molds, spatulas and pots and go to work;

3 - homemade dough - I like the one made of potato flour and bath oil the most - it is very pleasant to the touch and smells beautiful;

4 - treasure hunt - for this game we need a container, any loose products - I often use rice, but there can also be peas, beans, groats, pasta and small items that we hide inside, e.g. beads, pebbles. The child's task is to find all hidden treasures, older children can do it with their eyes closed.

5 - painting with your hands and feet - large sheets of paper, paints and brushes will come in handy, I also like the version with shaving foam on the cling film stuck to the floor - just be careful, because it can be slippery

Dirty games, in addition to tactile stimulation, will also provide the child with proprioceptive impressions, and thus they will calm down and put them in a good mood. Remember, however, that they usually make a nice mess, but what is not done for children


Anna Chacińska

special educator, specialist in sensory integration