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Natural sensory path - large set YOUR OWN COMPOSITION

Natural sensory path - large set YOUR OWN COMPOSITION

Manufacturer: ENCE PENCE
Price: 116,05 EUR

Wondering what sensory discs and pathways are used for?


Sensory discs and sensory pathways are an excellent tool to aid a child's sensory development. Walking on different textures and surfaces stimulates the tactile and proprioceptive (deep sensory) receptors located in the feet. In this way, the child develops visual and tactile perception, balance and motor coordination. Walking on the path has a positive influence on planning of movement, gross motor skills and spatial memory. Playing on the pathway improves concentration, allows the child to calm down and focus on the task at hand, which contributes to better results in school by building new connections in the brain responsible for the interpretation of tactile and visual stimuli, created during the sensory stimulation provided by the sensory discs. 


Sensory discs, in combination with mini sensors, are also a great way to practice tactile differentiation. The child is challenged toThe child is challenged to find and identify the same filling on the disc and the sensor. Play can take place with eyes closed or open. 


In addition, the senosric track is a very good suggestion for creative play for children who like to spend their time actively. Building obstacle courses, slaloms or maybe creating an island where animals live? And if not wild animals take over the mysterious island, how about a city where car races take place? There is no limit to the ideas you can come up with for the daily use of the discs from the senosria track. 


Thanks to the natural texture of our discs, the tactile and visual sensations are reminiscent of those experienced on a forest path, a sea beach or in the kitchen. 

We will think back to a sandy beach, the sea breeze, the smell of a forest or a freshly baked apple pie. And the blue of the sky will wrap our imagination in memories of running through a meadow. 


All discs have anti-slip elements, thanks to which the toddler can freely and safely move or jump on the discs. 


Each senoric path includes a special instruction with a description on how to use the senoric paths in everyday play. Its application in everyday play is very wide and additionally influences the development of the child's imagination and constitutes an ideal base for creative and development-supporting play.  


The basic path prepared by us is a set of various fillings that influence the recipes accordingly


The track consists of 4 square disks with the following fills:

- shells

Their interesting texture develops tactile sensitivity, and the unusual shape encourages touching and treading, which also engages the muscles in which the proprioreceptors are located.

- tactile during the examination with the hands and stronger - proprioceptive while walking on them. Looking at the pebbles shining in the light also stimulates the sense of sight.

- fine white stones

They pleasantly stimulate the feet and hands while walking and touching, engaging the sense of touch and proprioception.

- jute rope

Walking on a rope as if on a carpet, we gently massage the feet, stimulating the sensory receptors and proprioreceptors located in them. The texture is slightly rough, touching it gives a lot of pleasant tactile sensations, and running your finger along the coiled rope will also engage the sense of sight.

- coffee beans

Fine, black grains gently stimulate the feet and hands. Walking on a coffee-scented disc provides an express stimulation of the senses - especially smell, but also touch and proprioception.


Educational aid "Natural sensory path - large basic set":

- order fulfillment time: 7 working days

Due to the natural origin of the components, the teaching aid may be slightly different from the photo.

The product is intended for use under the direct supervision of an adult.

Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.



  • length : 28 cm
  • width : 28 cm
  • Diameter : 25 cm
  • Thickness : 2 cm
  • Set contains : 4 pcs of large sensory discs
  • product card to download at the foot of the page :
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