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Roughness tables

Roughness tables

Manufacturer: ENCE PENCE
Price: 32,33 EUR

Roughness boards to start! 

This set consists of 3 plates designed to teach children graduation and to distinguish and name textures, while stimulating the sense of touch and providing a varied sensory experience. The first plate consists of a smooth and a rough surface, the second plate alternates between smooth and rough surfaces, while plate number 3 offers four different textures from smooth to rough. The plates introduce the child to the experience of smooth and rough surfaces and their gradation. 

Due to the thickness of the plates, they stand on their own so that they do not have to be put away in the box after the senosry play, but stand on the shelf and decorate the room. 



Teaching aid "Roughness tables"

Delivery time: 7 working days          

Due to the natural origin of the components, the teaching aid may vary slightly from the photo. 

This product is intended for use under the direct supervision of an adult. Not suitable for children under 3 years


  • width 10 cm :
  • height 16 cm :
  • thickness 1.5 cm :
  • quantity 3 pcs :