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Whiteboard for learning to write

Whiteboard for learning to write

Manufacturer: ENCE PENCE
Price: 23,02 EUR

It's time to start using your motor skills! 

The board serves as an educational aid to learn to write letters, numbers and to draw slides in loose materials such as flour or groats. In the first stage, it is proposed to learn writing with the index and middle finger, which is a great preparation for the proper grip of writing instruments. The next stage is writing in fill using the attached stylus. The board has a recess for a work card from which the child can reproduce patterns, a place for the stylus, a stylus and sets of exercises. 

By touching different textures, the sense of sight and touch is additionally stimulated while learning to write. As the toddler carries out the task of reproducing the cards, his concentration is strengthened.



The set consists of: 

- a board with space for worksheets and a stylus

- stylus 

- worksheets 


Teaching aid "Writing board"

Delivery time: 7 working days       

This product is intended for use under the direct supervision of an adult. Not suitable for children under 3 years.

  • width 27 cm :
  • height 19 cm :
  • thickness 1.5 cm :
  • quantity 1 piece :