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Spring is fast approaching, you can already feel it in the air and you can see it in the playgrounds, which are filled with children longing for movement. In winter, the use of playgrounds is often difficult, whether it is due to the weather, heavy overalls, or other factors that restrict movement. As soon as the weather improves, the playgrounds are filled to the brim - which is very good, because playing in the playground naturally contributes to the development of sensory integration processes and brings our children only benefits. It provides a lot of stimuli, mainly vestibular (coming from movement) and proprioceptive (coming from pressure on muscles, tendons and joints) and tactile stimulation, has a positive effect on the development of gross motor skills, motor coordination and balance, improves muscle strength and motor planning. What are the benefits of the most famous playground toys? Swing - swinging provides primarily vestibular stimulation, teaches how to balance the body, slow linear movement has a calming effect. Carousel - turning is a strong atrial stimulation, but the rotational movement, especially in excess, has a stimulating effect and should be used in moderation. Sandbox - games in the sand provide, of course, tactile stimulation, but also proprioceptive thanks to digging in the sand, pouring, carrying heavy buckets of sand, etc., they also support the development of fine motor skills. Slide - it is primarily atrial stimulation, but also the development of motor planning. Climbing walls and nets, ladders - improve muscle strength, support the development of motor coordination and movement planning. Springboard - jumps on the battue provide vestibular-proprioceptive stimulation, develop balance reactions and motor coordination. Each playground equipment contributes to the child's sensorimotor development, but play also means contacts with peers, positive emotions and time spent with parents. Remember that every child should be able to move freely in the fresh air for at least 2 hours a day. The playground is the perfect place for this.

Anna Chacińska special gopedagogue, specialist in sensory integration