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We make sure that our children develop well, have attractive activities provided, and do not get too bored. In addition to the names, we often take care of our children, we do something for them, because it is early and better and you can complete them even to complete them, to add them to which household chores. In parallel, in addition to making progress and progress, he replies that you manage your life, you achieve new sensory values. Here are a few simple ones:


Vacuuming - primarily for heavy muscle work, proprioceptive stimulation for a child, training for the organizer of an automotive event

Wiping dust - you will provide the titles to win (the texture of the application and furniture), in addition to exercises for gross motor skills and movement organization Window cleaning - is a fantastic training for the child's hands and shoulder girdle, additionally providing proprioceptive stimulation

Taking clothes out of the washing machine - I deliver in terms of stimulation (different clothes) and smell, and also proprioceptive (wet heavier, clothes can be ordered)

My work - on a task for slightly older children - work coordination exercise - functional activity launching activities for a task, doing this is a stimulation for the hand

Help in cooking - here we have the most sensory experiences - tactile, taste, smell, and even auditory and visual. Do this baby is practicing hand-eye coordination, planned movement, little.

And what Samielski spends time with his parents. We do not learn to learn, that we learn to do, or that we learn too little or are too small. From an early age, we must be in such a state that we are adjacent to the place. And remember that it is not always necessary to invent and complex exercises to collect a sensor for a small number of movement.


Anna Chacińska

special educator, specialist in sensory integration