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Sensory Integration Therapy is primarily focused on guided play, which aims to elicit an appropriate response to internal and external stimuli.

The aim of the therapy is to help the child correctly perceive, organise and order the stimuli that come to him through the different senses. During sensory integration therapy, in addition to equipment stimulating the basic sensory systems, various sensory aids are used to stimulate the sense of touch, hearing, sight, smell and didactic aids such as puzzles, jigsaw puzzles and mazes. Here you will find teaching aids that are both sensory and natural - with different textures, shapes and colours and making different noises. We have taken care of everything - please visit our shop!


What is sensory integration?


Sensory integration is a neurological process in which the brain receives and organises sensory information from the body and the environment and then creates an appropriate response.

Correct processing of sensory input forms the basis for school readiness, and is important for normal emotional development and the development of social skills.