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Did you know that our discs are not just for walking and touching?

Do you know any other ideas for using sensory tracks in everyday play?

If not, it's great that you're here - we have a wealth of ideas for great fun!


Ideas for playing with discs 

You can start by naming the fillings you see, then count them and name their colours.

If you have already done this, think about where the fillings occur?

Can we find shells on the beach or in the forest? And a banana in the meadow or in the kitchen?

Do you know the association game? Yes, that's great!

The discs and their fillings are the perfect base for this game. All you need to do is ask your child a question, and the mass of interesting stories will have no end.

Are you afraid of the dark? If not, these ideas are for you!

Close your eyes and, using only your hand or bare foot, name the filling you are touching, identify its texture - smooth, rough or maybe slippery?



Time to start the competition!

Place the discs on the ground and run in the slalom. Whoever is faster wins!






Dizzy from slalom? It can arrange the disks at a distance of min. 1 meter apart and run from one to the other, giving associations, to a given aid, e.g. to fill a shell, the association is water.


If you're tired, it's time for a sensory walk! While walking on the discs, name their contents and form a sentence with them, e.g. I love rope climbing.


Is the walk boring on your own? Then take your favorite toy with you and organize a tour of the discs - tell a story about the adventures that meet you.


Or maybe you will do a contest? Who will no longer drop the ball from the disc?


Take the ball and manipulate it so that it does not fall over the edge of the disc. Managed to? Who lasted longer?


How about memory games? If you like them, this is something for you. Arrange the discs for your child in the order you set, remember their order. Then mix them and let the child recreate the original pattern you have composed.


Do you like to do jigsaw puzzles and reproduce the image you see? Yes - that's great! Take the sensors and arrange them according to the given patterns.


Or maybe you will practice graphomotorics?

All you need to do is slide your finger or the stylus across the disk, avoiding the fillings.

Need a pattern for how to slide your finger? Work card: